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About The Zombie Blitz 1940 Experience

What could be better than a zombie experience? How about one with wartime villains, demented doctors and dark creepy tunnels? There’s more. This isn’t just any zombie experience, this is a shockingly real apocalypse-style encounter with the flesh-hungry undead, deep under the streets of London. Stepping back 70 years in time, you’ll catch a glimpse of Blitz-stricken Britain as the war rages overhead. As if bombs aren’t bad enough, food is strictly rationed too. Hardly a picnic, is it?

Entering the underground bunkerOnce you’ve been jettisoned back to WWII, what happens then? That’s where the real zombie fun begins. Alongside your khaki-clad colleagues, you’ll venture deep inside London’s secret underground tunnels. Your only hope is to keep moving along the forgotten shafts and solve the clues to find your way out. It’s a labyrinth down there, so you’ll need to stay on your toes and use all your cunning to find daylight and civilisation.

But wait, what’s that? A distant shuffling, a throaty growl, a bloodcurdling shriek… what is it? Where is it coming from? You’ll find out only too quickly, and we’re pretty sure you won’t like what you see. Spattered in gore and reeking of unmentionable things, this is London’s undead – a troop of deadly unseeing corpses brought back to life through an evil experiment. At the hands of a crazed medic, the dead are very much alive and shuffling – and it’s your job to get past them and out to safety.

Trapped behind barsIn this thrilling immersive experience, based on cutting-edge interactive theatre in which the audience becomes part of the story, you’ll make your way through a network of tunnels, facing nerve-shredding sights at every turn. Rather than battling the beasts like other zombie experiences, in this 1940s Zombie Blitz you’re in the driver’s seat – making decisions and moving through a very real experience, making the story as you go. It’s raw, edgy fun – perfect for anyone with a penchant for horror movies or who wants to put their very own zombie apocalypse survival plan to the test.

It’s immersive, interactive and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever done before. So if you want to be the first to do something that’s so unique barely anyone knows about it, this is your chance. It’s a limited edition experience too, which means you’ll get some serious one-up-manship on just about everyone. How’s that for the experience of a lifetime?

Technical Stuff

A gruesome discoveryImmersive theatre is a new take on storytelling that’s as far from the traditional theatre-going format as you can get. Rather than merely watching, the audience becomes part of the story. In typical immersive theatre experiences, guests are free to choose what to watch and where to go – wandering around with different characters as they play out their scenes, moving from room to room. Participation is expected, and members can even choose to roam the set, treating the production as something of an art exhibition.

So in gloomy 1940s Britain, you’ll find yourself trapped in a series of murky forgotten tunnels. There are plenty of decisions to make and each one brings a new twist; there’s not much in the way of a script – instead, you decide how the story ends. You’ll find plenty of dark corners, shadows and strange goings-on during your mysterious journey. Use your wit and cunning and try to keep your head as you move from one tunnel to another, dodging the undead and seeking out the route to safety. You’ll be with a group of characters, some of whom are there to help you, while others are not quite what they seem…

Need to Know

This cutting-edge Zombie Blitz is an immersive theatre experience that certainly lives up to the hype. It’s the latest buzzword in drama and you’ll get first-hand experience of the zombie apocalypse in this spine-tingling adventure that pits you against the unstoppable onslaught of the mighty undead.

Scary shadows on the wallAs you can imagine, this creepy adventure is not recommended for anyone of a nervous disposition. Be aware that the experience also contains flashing lights and loud noises. If however you’re up for a bit of a laugh in one of the most eerie and probably the strangest experiences you’re ever likely to have, complete with gore-smeared zombies and wartime drama, this is the experience that you’ll be talking about for years afterwards.

Participants are encouraged to dress in 1940s costume and should be prepared to get down and dirty, as some crawling about and slinking into the shadows may be required.

The minimum age is 13. The experience typically lasts around 2 hours, which usually includes time to set the scene and to incorporate any safety briefings. This is a new and limited edition experience that’s incredibly popular, so participants should book as soon as possible and ensure they reserve their preferred date immediately, to avoid disappointment.

The Venue

The experience takes place in London, in the underground vaults of Waterloo. Think murky tunnels, candlelight lanterns and dodgy shadows looming all around. It’s like you’re living a horror movie.

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